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Longacre Toe-In Plates

Makes checking toe simple. Includes two plates and two measuring tapes.
Longacre_Toe_In__4ea5ba01bba24.jpgLongacre Toe-In Plates
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- Quickest and simplest way to measure toe-in
- Rest one of these plates against the tire on each side and measure toe directly using the 2 tapes (included)
- Formed design is rigid for accuracy and stays put against the tire
This is a fast way to check / set front end toe.:
It is affected by wheel or tire runout. Be certain wheels run true and tires have no bulges.

Turn wheels to straight ahead: Should be done on level ground. Set caster & camber first.
Lean plates up against wheels: Folded lip goes to the outside. Be sure the entire plate is up against the wheel.
Measure front width, then rear: Use the slots for the tape measure. Subtract one from the other for toe. Larger front width means toe-out.


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