Brinn Original Racing Transmission

The Original Brinn Racing Transmission features low rotating weight and is one of the best racing transmissions available. Made in the USA!
Brinn_Original_R_4ec2c97a45de6.jpgBrinn Original Racing Transmission
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At 48 pounds this transmission is lightweight. It has gun-drilled input and output shafts that provide for lower rotation weight and faster acceleration. Use a 3/4 inch master cylinder for hydraulic clutch.
Sold without coupler.
•Lightweight - 45.4-51.4 pounds depending on model and without fluid
•Reverse idler gear and low speed gear are NOT engaged in direct drive
•The input and output shafts are gundrilled for reduced weight
•Superior dog clutch design provides the most durability and the smoothest shifting available
•Low cost - eliminates clutch assembly and throwout bearing assembly
•Dog clutch and detent design eliminate the need for special shifters
•Separate low and reverse gears make shifting precise
•Designed for easy assembly, disassembly and service
•Six inch long, 27 tooth output shaft spline that will accept any length yoke
•SAE 10 tooth input shaft spline
•Transmissions, parts, rebuilding and complete servicing readily available
•Low gear ratio: 1.88:1
•Reverse gear ratio: 2.29:1
•Shafts and gears are cryogenically treated
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