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Jet KSE Drive Kit from Water

RH Drive Kit for use with KSE Tandem Pumps. Mounts on the water pump.
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Passenger side (RH) drive kit for KSE Tandem Power Steering & Fuel pumps. Pump mounts off water pump on S/B Chevy. Kit includes the mount bracket, two pulleys, and an HTD belt.

  • 37-tooth pulley
  • 28-tooth pulley
  • 720mm (28.3") HTD belt 

The KSE Tandem pump is designed to produce optimum flow and pressure on both the power steering and fuel at 50% of engine RPM. Because the engine pulley and water pump pulley being used can vary in diameters, no one specific set of tandem pump and water pump pulleys will give a final 50% of crank RPM to the Tandem pump. If ratios are too fast or too slow it will induce performance problems which  can be attributed to the pump shaft speed and not the Tandem pump.
This drive kit provides a 25% reduction in shaft speed. The crankshaft and water pump pulley used in conjunction with this kit must yield 50% of engine RPM at the Tandem pump. Therefore, you must run a 25% reduction water pump pulley set in order to achieve the required 50% shaft speed at the Tandem pump. You may need to change your pulley combination in order to obtain the desired Tandem pump shaft speed.

1) Remove the 2 bolts on the passenger side securing the water pump to the engine.
2) Install the pump mounting bracket with the supplied hardware, the spacer goes on the top
water pump mount bolt.

NOTE: Due to the differences in water pump and pulley combinations you may find it necessary to shim the pump mount bracket in order to assure proper belt alignment. Use 3/8” AN washers between the water pump and pump mounting bracket as required.
3) Mount KSE pump to bracket with supplied hardware. Leave bolts hand tight at this time.
4) Install 37 tooth pulley on KSE pump and secure with the set screw.
5) Remove fan and fan spacer (if used) from water pump hub. Install 28 tooth drive pulley on water pump hub, secure with appropriate bolts (not supplied in kit).
NOTE: The drive pulley is sandwiched between the water pump pulley and the fan / spacer. You must replace your existing fan spacer with one which is approximately 1” shorter in order to maintain the original fan to radiator clearance.
6) Install drive belt, adjust to proper tension and tighten adjuster bolts on pump bracket.


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