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LED Warning Light and Sender Kits

Warning Light Installation Kits include light, sending unit and wiring. 3/4" Standard
LED_Warning_Ligh_4f2c3c2fd7a4b.jpgLED Warning Light and Sender Kits
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Warning Light Kits Alert the driver to any problem before it becomes a hazard. Easy to install. 3/4" Light Diameter. Fits most gauge panels.

Specify Type
Water Temperture Kit
• Amber Light
• Light comes on at 230° F
• Switch is self-grounding, normally off
• Sender has 1/2" NPT threads with 15/16" hex
• Includes 3 ft. of 14 ga. wire

Oil Pressure Kit
• Red color light
• Light comes on at 20 lbs. of pressure
• Sender has 1/8" NPT threads
• Brass tee fitting has 1/8" NPT threads
• Includes 3 ft. of 14 ga. wire


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