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AFCO 22" Standard Racing Radiator

This is a single pass standard aluminum racing radiator that uses the OEM/Stock hose locations.
AFCO_22__Standar_4ed3fcd262a94.jpgAFCO 22 Standard Racing Radiator
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Of all the components in the cooling system, the performance of the radiator is the most critical. Afco understands the vital role the radiator plays in protecting the investment you have in your car. That is why they make no excuses or compromises in constructing the best aftermarket radiators in the industry. Don't trust your pride and joy to anything less than Afco quality. 

Afco radiators allow your car to remain at constant temperature, which means that power delivery is more consistent. Using years of experience, advanced design, and thorough testing, Afco radiators are designed to promote optimal air flow and cooling by utilizing appropriate fin count, tube size, core thickness, and fin serration for each particular application. 

AFCO #80100N  22" Chevy Radiator

Overall Height: 20"
Core Width: 18.5"
Tank Height: 18.5"
Tank Width - Top: 22 3/8"
Tank Width - Bottom: 21.5"
Thickness: 3"
Filler Location: Right
Inlet Size: 1.5"
Inlet Location: Left
Outlet Size: 1.75"
Outlet Location: Right

  • 100% Aluminum construction (no epoxy)
  • 100% TIG welded
  • 100% pressure-tested
  • Cast filler necks feature screw-in-bleed, won't crack or leak with age

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